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Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Garden House by Jacqueline Quaid & Mia Cherish

I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book from Ms. Quaid. She's one of my critique partners, always willing to smack me upside the head when I screw up, and I promised her an honest review of her first erotica book. So here goes, I'm now trying to contain my urge to gush like a teenaged fangirl.

The Garden House is a lesbian paranormal. It is also a deliciously wicked vampire tale. Ms. Quaid and Ms. Cherish take all the traditional tales and turn them on their heads in this short, but sexy romp. The century old vampiress and the innocent sorority girl... it's the classic Hammer movie setup, but redone with a delicate touch that brings the setting and the characters to glorious life.

Lea Griffon, despite her years of experience with men and women, is wonderfully vulnerable. You feel all her insecurities and all her desires. Meanwhile, her lover is innocent, in all ways, yet loving. Clancy Rosabel is just what the vampiress needs to bring her out of her self-imposed isolation. Watching these two women, seperated by the traditions of old-blood New Orleans, come together is truly beautiful.

The Garden House teases your emotions, keeping you totally engrossed to the final page. In addition to Lea and Clancy, there's a handful of lovely, fully-fleshed secondary characters. Caspaar, Lea's vampire brother, is intriguing enough that I'd love to see his story one day... and the story, though breifly mentioned, of the property's ghost, makes you want to know more about him as well. Above all, The Garden House is a wonderful escape from the everyday.

Just released yesterday, The Garden House is available from Amber Quill Press as part of their Amber Heat line. To purchase your own copy, which I highly recommend, just visit them here: The Garden House

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